Monday, August 2, 2010

Historical Fiction

My brother isn't really a magic duck, though. I guess I made that part up.
This moving tale has appeared before, in the form of a story I made up for my two year old niece Leila earlier this summer. She liked it, but she was not as fond of the bedtime story I made up, titled "Batman and the Pizza". I believe her response to that particular story was, "I'm going to sleep now, Uncle Adam."
A question for your consideration: who would win in a fight, Santa Claus or Richard Nixon?


  1. Santa Clause, because a reindeer would beat up Nixon's unicorn any day.

  2. If Nixon had a unicorn, can unicorns be trusted? Because I was thinking of getting one-- Walmart has a pretty good selection and reasonable prices.

  3. Unicorns? I HAD NO IDEA! I only knew about his cybernetic eye.
    The unicorns at Wal-Mart have a pretty good selection, but most of them aren't housebroken and a lot of them have Justin Bieber's name dyed into their fur.

  4. Justin Bieber unicorns? That's animal abuse!

    My bet's on Santa. If he can visit all the houses in the world in one night, that means he has superspeed to rival the Flash.