Saturday, September 25, 2010

Difficult to read, but too heartwarming not to share

Do you guys remember the Berenstain Bears? Well, my little sister TJ wrote her own contribution to the series and mailed it to me. It's a little bit hard to read because she drew it in pencil, so I've typed out the storyline for easier reading, and you can click to zoom in.

The Berenstain Bears Discover their Ability (First Time Books) by Tabitha Smelser

Yes, Sister Bear is definitely holding a knife.


When the bears find out
about the great food chain,
searching for food
becomes less of a pain.

Remember those rhymes that were always at the beginning of the book? Awww.

One day, brother was reading about the food chain.

He saw a chart & was so surprised he dropped the book! He told mama & She had a family meeting.
The chart says "Bears eat->Rabbits eat->Grass"

"We're going to start eating our friends," she said, "I'm tired of cooking."
That rabbit is definitely crying. Look how serene the bears look!

"I killed and ate Mr. Squirrel today!" said sister. "Great job," said Papa, "Your mother & I are proud!" "It is so fun to maul our friends like bears are supposed to!" said sister.

Awwww, learnin' life's lessons.

And now the bears enjoy a wonderful life of animal-slaughter! THE END

I love their placid facial expressions.

P.S. The drawings are not supposed to be top-knotch[sic]. I wasn't trying to make this look just like the book. Hope you like it! Love, Tabitha

Actually, I think that does look an awful lot like the real books. This still brings a tear to my eye...wait, no, I just have a bug in my eye, and one of my roommates just blew up an onion in the microwave.


  1. Wow, Tabitha has turned into her brother's sister. ROFL I LOVE IT!!!!!!